Tandem Skydive in Bavaria – Dropzone’s

  • Arnbruck in Niederbayern / Zellertal where we jump 1-2 times a year from a height of 3000 meters and a Cessna
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a popular parachute jump and takes place annually at Easter
  • Klatovy near Furth i. Wald is our pearl of the tandem jump airfields
    4,300 meters jump height
    6000 meters height optionally possible
    Camping possible
    Airport with the least waiting times
    Great restaurant
    and much more.
  • Chamer Flugtage in the Upper Palatinate is a major event with great attractions
  • Although not in Bavaria, but very interesting for Bavarian customers, the dates in Zell am See in Austria are in March and November for a weekend (see dates)

Bavaria – Tandem Skydive

Tandem parachute jump for the people in Bavaria. Compared to other federal states, there are several ways to find high-quality skydiving airfields. The largest and most beautiful airfield is on the edge of Bavaria after the Czech border near Furth im Wald. The airfield is Klattau, also called Klatovy.

In Klatovy we can offer most dates during the skydiving season on the one hand and the highest jump heights on the other. The availability of the aircraft in Klatovy is also more likely than at other airports.

We also have flight festivals where we can offer tandem jump in Bavaria. Skydiving in Arnbruck, the flight days in Cham and of course our main jump area in Klattau are the most popular at the tandem events.

You are best advised with our airfields or so-called jump dropzones. Just the fact that on our Klatovy – Furth i. W. the big PINK Skyvan is standing, is worth every kilometer. You can find a list of other jumping spots for your first tandem skydive here.

Conclusion: Bavaria skydiving

To sum up, one can say that the Bavarians are doing themselves the greatest favor with a nice day trip to our airfield in Klatovy. Most things are offered around the skydiving Bavaria experience in Klatovy. It is also a great way to spend a day with the family and have some adrenaline experiences with the tandem jump in Bavaria.

Bavaria parachute tandem jump: the most frequently asked questions and answers

What temperatures are there in tandem jumping in Bavaria?

It is a few degrees Celsius less than on the ground, but no tandem jump guest in Bavaria has frozen to death. 🙂

Our skydiving guests get everything they need for skydiving in Bavaria. You only have to bring comfortable casual clothes with you, whereby the sneakers are most important to use!

We provide the passengers with jump suits and, if necessary, gloves. Skydiving operator Schatt Bertwin

How do I find an appointment for skydiving in Bavaria?

We have created a clear and easy to find site for our customers. In the menu item „Dates“ you will find all of our jumping spots as well as individual free spots where you can send us an inquiry for the tandem jump in Bavaria.

We will then be happy to plan you in and confirm the jump date by email with further details, information, directions and documents.


Fallschirmsprung Termin Sprungplätze
Tandem Skydive Dates & Dropzones

In which months is the parachute jump carried out in Bavaria?

The so-called jumping season for skydiving in Bavaria goes with almost all providers from March to November each year.

We start and end our tandem jump season in beautiful Zell am See. Start in March and end in November of the year.

Already at Easter we will continue in beautiful Rothenburg ob der Tauber, where we will jump with our skydiving guests from all over Bavaria from Good Friday to Easter Monday.

In April it really starts on our main jump area in Klattau near Furth im Wald. This jumping area is the largest in Europe and every year attracts skydivers from all over the world to pursue the most beautiful hobby.

The season in Klatovy then lasts until September / October. However, it is advisable to make an appointment in the preseason. Everything is not so stressful and fully booked.

How expensive is skydiving in Bavaria?

In Bavaria, the tandem skydiving does not cost more than in the rest of Germany. The current market price is 225 euros.

However, the performance you get for this price is different. Where at some airfields you can only jump from a height of 3000 meters, there are also 4300 meters for the same price at larger jump areas.

Where can you do a tandem jump in Bavaria?

There are several options for skydiving for tandem jump guests from Bavaria. But apart from the fact that there are different jumping spots, the exquisite so-called drop zones with jumping heights of 4300 – 6000 meters are rare.

We jump our demanding guests at the following jumping areas:

  • Klattau near Furth im Wald (main jump area)
  • Arnbruck Niederbayern (from 3000 meters)
  • Cham / Upper Palatinate during the flight days in August from 4300 meters and the Pink Skyvan
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber, mostly at Easter from the Skyvan and 4300 meters altitude.
  • Wels / Upper Austria only a few kilometers after the border crossing

Bavaria skydiving tandem jump

Please do not wait all season for a certain date, e.g. an airport party, because if it is not possible to jump that day due to the weather, then you waited for free.

It would be a shame to want to have this experience under stress and hectic. It is much more comfortable to come to our main landing stage in Klattau near Bavaria in the preseason.

Excursion into the beautiful nature of the Bohemian Forest, spend a few cozy hours with us at the airfield in Klattau. You will be surprised how many German jumpers there are in Klatovy and that everyone in the so-called drop zone speaks German or at least English.

The contact person where you register to jump naturally speaks fluent German like all of us. Franziska will take care of you if we are tandem masters jumping a lap.

Perhaps on arrival you will see a couple of tandem or solo jumpers in the sky just doing their turns and then landing quickly but gently. This great airfield invites you to linger and enjoy. Many of our customers take a blanket with them and often stay until the evening to watch the colorfully dressed jumper land.

Fallschirmspringen Bayern – Fallschirmsport Schatt Bertwin aus Schwarzach

Tandemsprung Bayern Gutschein
Fallschirmspringen als Geschenk Gutschein bestellen

Our distinction as a tandem jump provider in Bavaria

We are particularly proud of the great reviews from our tandem jump guests from Bavaria. Already over 360 pieces, „almost“ only 5 stars, we are happy every day when we see our business in the Google search engine. You can of course find the current evaluation information online.

Tandemsprung Bewertung Fallschirmspringen Google
Tandem jump rating Google skydiving provider Bavaria

Bayern lokaler Tandemsprung Anbieter
Bavaria skydiving with Skydiving Schatt as a tandem jump guest

Your recommendations are very important to us

Your ratings are very important not only for the search engine and our local entry, but above all for future skydiving guests from Bavaria. This is the only way for reputable providers to find satisfied skydiving customers and vice versa.

Your advantages if you book the skydive in Bavaria with a direct provider instead of an agency

Ultimately, your advantages when choosing the tandem jump gift provider from Bavaria will be decisive, if you then return home satisfied, happy and with a great feeling.

Keep up with the times, we do too

  • We strive to keep in touch with our skydiving customers from Bavaria in a contemporary way and with the simplest possible means.
  • When designing the website, we focused on easy route guidance.
    Easily contact us via our contact form if you have any questions before ordering a skydive. We usually answer Inquiries the same day.
  • You will receive the tandem jump gift tickets as a PDF by email as soon as we have received your payment. No long waiting for vouchers in the mail!
  • Appointments can be made at the airport of your choice according to our list of appointments via our portal. Here, too, you will normally receive the confirmation within one day.
  • „In the case of gifts, there is no need to select an appointment in advance. The happy person can then do this comfortably and in peace.“
  • The available jump places and dates are always online and sorted in order.
    When you confirm the date for your tandem jump by email, you will also receive the transport contract and address / route description from us.
  • and much more.

Directions – service for the tandem jump jump area

  • The route description, for example to our main jump area in Klattau, is described in detail and is available to you online as a PDF
  • In addition, you will receive an update about the weather from us one day before the tandem jump event, so that you do not have to travel for a long time in vain.
  • For easy navigation to our jump place, we also send the passengers the location via WhatsApp so that you only have to click on „Start“ and you can find us within 50 meters.

Local contact and always the same person

From the first request by email, via our contact form or via the appointment tool, when registering on site and until landing with one of our tandem masters, you always have the same contact person with us.

Ansprechpartner Tandem Fallschirmspringen Bayern
Parachute tandem jump provider and contact in Bavaria

A few more kilometers to get there and an exclusive, high-quality experience

As mentioned several times on this website, we attach great importance to the quality of the tandem jump experience. This means that we want to offer our customers a jump height where the free fall is as long as possible.

Normally this is 4,300 meters with us, with the option of flying at an altitude of 6000 meters with oxygen supply and thus getting 60 – 90 seconds of free fall.

The exception is our jump site in Arnbruck / Niederbayern. Here we actually only jump from 3000 meters because the available aircraft on this airfield cannot climb higher. BUT: this is compensated for with a great panorama, a wonderful sightseeing flight over the Bavarian forest and a great view from the sports plane.

The very clear recommendation for tandem skydiving in or for Bavaria customers is our main jump area in Klattau near Furth im Wald. Strictly speaking, this is no longer in BAVARIA, but only a few kilometers after the border crossing you are in the paradise of skydivers and the favorite place of many previous tandem jump guests.

Invest time in choosing the skydiving provider in Bavaria

Since a tandem parachute jump in Bavaria is already an exclusive gift, you should take a little more time when choosing the provider than when buying a toaster.

You already know qualitative factors such as: choice of jump location, jump height, variety of dates, alternative dates, contact persons, service, etc. We are therefore confident that we will soon receive an order or an appointment request from you.

Make a tandem jump gift yourself

Of course, you can also design a present yourself to give at home. This self-made tandem skydiving ticket is of course not valid at the jump site. Then you can pay in CASH on site.

Disadvantage of doing handicrafts yourself: many passengers do not know with whom they have made an appointment and wander haphazardly around the airport. That is why we recommend our tandem jump ticket, which is valid for 3 years, and we know that you are coming and are already waiting for you at the jump area.

You will also receive the upcoming appointments by email on a regular basis until your ticket has been redeemed.

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