Pribram - skydiving in Czech Republic between Prague and Pilsen as tandem jump

We have added another great tandemjump airfield /dropzone to our offer, with action, adrenaline, fun and professionalism. It is about the jumping area or the skydiving center Pribram, where skydiving with us and our partners is possible all year round.

Karlshafen Fallschirmspringen Niedersachsen
Tandem Skydive between Praha & Pilsen - Action and Adrenalin

Skydiving Center Pribram

The tandem jump adventure in Pribram is only 55 kilometers from Prague. The journey time is approx. 45 minutes. Altitude 4200 Meters.

Only 77 kilometers from Pilsen and thus with a journey time of approx. 1 hour you can quickly reach the skydiving event in Pribram.

Action day trip Prague & Pilsen

Treat yourself to action and adrenaline as a tourist in Prague. Experience something very special. We jump with you from 4,200 meters above ground and we will inspire you.

You can of course travel to the area with your own car, rental car or public transport. You can of course find relevant connections online everywhere.

Tandem jump video from us in Czech Republic

Teile den Tandemsprung Beitrag mit Deinen Freunden