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Freedom, joy, fascination - tandem skydiving as guest
Fulfill your dream of skydiving in the simplest possible way with a tandem jump! From a height of 4,300 to 6,000 meters, you jump into nowhere with one of our experienced tandem masters. Immerse yourself in the world of skydivers and get your personal moment of happiness while skydiving, because that’s pure adrenaline! Get the kick!

Our Top Seller

  • With our team of experienced tandem pilots, who have thousands of skydive tandem jumps all over the world, you are in the best of hands.
  • Jumps from 4300 meters or the popular 6000 meters tandem jump experiences as a birthday present or for yourself.
  • We offer everything our tandem passengers want.
  • We look forward to you!
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Because you are in direct contact with the provider right from the start. You are in good hands with us, because we place great emphasis on trust and we proudly look back on our many years of experience in skydiving and our great team of professional tandemmasters.

With us you get:

  • Experience and professionalism 👍🏻
  • The most beautiful jumping spots 💙
  • Optimal price-performance ratio 💸
  • Great atmosphere and unforgettable moments 😉

Tandem Jump Voucher

You don’t want to commit to a fixed date yet? Or do you want to make another person happy and the right gift is still missing? Then get your tandem jump in the form of a voucher! Whether for partners, friends, family, colleagues or for yourself, with a parachute – tandem jump from up to 6000 meters as a gift voucher can only do everything right.

Groups are also no problem for us! With our large team of experienced tandem masters and an aircraft of the extra class, we master it, jumping off the plane together with all of you.

Benefit from our many years of experience and quality, our unique price-performance ratio and of course the advantages on our jump dropzones and best of all give away a breathtaking and unforgettable parachute tandem jump today!

Airfields – „here you can jump with us“

  • Cham (Upper Palatinate) – here only the Chamer Flugtage
  • Arnbruck in Lower Bavaria
  • Klattau near Furth im Wald (Czech Republic)
  • Zell am See (Austria)
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber
  • Fromberg (Lower Austria)
  • Wels (Upper Austria)


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Our pearl among the dropzones: Klattau close to Furth im Wald ❤️

When it comes to our airfield selection, Klattau in the Czech Republic near the border with Lower Bavaria is our favorite among the jump places. Many of our tandem customers travel a long way just to enjoy the unique atmosphere and the Czech flair, but also because of the offer of a tandem parachute jump from an unbelievable 6000 m altitude , which we are one of the few skydiving providers in Germany to offer at the Klatovy dropzone. You shouldn’t miss this special of additional vertical meters and a free fall time of unbelievable 90 seconds in Klatovy!

Of course, the price or the cost of a tandem jump gift always play a role. Nevertheless, we advise you to compare the performance and quality of the tandem jump with the price offered. We are of course aware of cheap experiences and offers on the Internet, but we also know how to evaluate the differences. Quality vs. Quantity…

Skydiving season 2021 & most frequently asked questions about skydiving

Age plays a subordinate role in skydiving. If you want to give or give a child this experience, the parent or legal guardian must be there and sign the contract of carriage, but the decisive point is the child’s height. A height of 140 cm is required!

We also have passenger harnesses for children upon request. We have not yet reached a limit for tall people. Customers with a height of 2 meters were also among our tandem jump guests.

  • There are hardly any limits to age, provided that:
  • Person is physically fit
  • Has no health problems.
  • My oldest passenger was a 96-year-old pilot who had flown airplanes his entire life but had never jumped out of one. I gladly made this dream come true for him.

The latest generation of parachutes can withstand a lot. Nevertheless, certain limits have been set for the weight of tandem systems in order to have more than enough reserves. Often we are asked when inquiries how heavy you can be to be able to jump as a tandem skydive passenger.

Tandemmaster und Passagier Fallschirmspringen - Fallschirmsprung
Tandem jump in a comfortable large plane

For skydiving, the body weight was set at 90 kg by almost all providers, primarily because of the enormous physical strain on the tandem master, and also because of the additional wear and tear on the entire harness, the parachute and the lines.

The cost of a parachute tandem jump with over 90 kg is 275.00 € (also available as a voucher / ticket). Surely you understand the surcharge of 50.00 € for the reasons mentioned above. But as one of the few tandem jump providers in Bavaria, we offer the +90 kg variant.

To the frequently asked question „how heavy can you be for a parachute tandem jump“ I give the following answer:

  • The decisive factor is the distribution of the total body weight on the body size!
  • Example: Height 190 cm, body weight 96 kg, athletic, balanced weight distribution: tandem jump is very likely possible.
  • On the other hand: body height 150 cm, body weight 85 kg, tandem jump may NOT be possible.
  • A final decision can only be made directly on the dropzone if the responsible tandem master has made a personal picture of his skydive passenger.
  • Costs € 275.00 (incl. € 50.00 surcharge)

The best thing is to contact us personally, then we will advise you on this topic and send you your ticket for skydiving for over 90 kg.

„Skydiving“ has become a very safe hobby these days. Materials as well as safety precautions in the skydiving systems are of the highest quality. Statistically, skydiving is many times safer than driving a car. We always say: Your trip to the airfield is the most dangerous part of a skydive tandem jump.

A great tandem jump season 2019 is behind us. In the sunny and ideally suited summer 2019 we were able to bring this fascinating sport and the world of skydiving closer to many people. We were overwhelmed and touched by the consistently positive and lovely feedback from our customers. At the same time, the great reviews motivate us to continue to maintain our high standards and to further improve our quality. After all, it is a matter close to our hearts to pass this wonderful sport on to others.

Some of them will see us every year for tandem jumping in Bavaria, or from now on as a solo jumper after successfully completing AFF training at our airfields.
Your direct tandem skydive jump provider Schatt from Schwarzach

We always hear from our satisfied tandem jump guests that this adventure cannot be described. We can only confirm this. The feeling of flying towards the earth for 60 seconds in free fall from 4,300 meters at a speed of more than 200 km / h and feeling your own body exposed to these forces must be experienced yourself. The best thing is to give away a tandem jump voucher today to make yourself or someone else happy in a special way!

Prices for such a jump are around 225 euros from reputable providers.
The following skydiving variants are available for our guests:

  1. Tandem jump from 4,300 meters for 225 euros per jump
  2. The supreme discipline: Tandem parachute jump from 6000 meters for 339 euros per jump. (Preferably from 3 people)
  3. Voucher variant for tandem passengers who do not want to give away a complete voucher.
    1. Determine the amount yourself.
    2. Voucher is fully credited.
    3. Difference to the normal price on the respective variant can be paid on dropzone in CASH.

You can already see in our free fall offers that we try to offer our tandem guests the greatest possible selection of amenities.

Skydiving as a tandem skydive jump passenger

Skydiving Schatt and his tandemmasters have already made it possible for many people from all over Germany, Austria & Czech Republic to dream of experiencing the parachute jump adventure from an airplane, as well as putting a long smile on their faces after the gentle landings. Quite a few of our tandem passengers are already licensed solo jumpers, as the next step after the tandem jump was AFF training as a parachutist.

We are one of the few providers of skydiving in Germany who can also offer the 6000 meter variant of this fascinating sport at Klattau airfield. For this reason alone, our passengers accept many kilometers of travel in order to be able to get hold of valuable vertical meters from 6000 meters and a longer free fall time.

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